#1 – Let’s kick this challenge off

This morning my alarm shocked me awake at 6.45am. Time to get 30 Days of Meditation up and running.

Over the next month I’ll be meditating every day as I’m curious as to where spending time working and exercising my brain my take me. I’m using an app called Headspace where the lovely voice of Andy Puddicombe guides me in 15 minute mindful meditations. The plan is to find a little piece of time in each day to enjoy it, hence the very early start!

Part of the challenge is seeing how I can make blogging about my meditations somewhat interesting. Personally, i’m curious to see if mindfulness can help me manage stress and tame my  4am imagination which can get somewhat feral at times.

I’m not a complete mindfulness newbie as I have been meditating on an off for a few months now and I suspect that any benefits will come after a sustained period.

So, Day 1, DONE. Lets get this show on the road!


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