#3 – Godzilla – WTF?

The strangest things pop into my head when meditating. The sort of thoughts that stop you in your tracks when you catch them in a WTF kinda way. Today’s random thoughts included Jimmy Five Bellies and Godzilla (yes, really!)  What led to them jumping feet first into my brain as i’m concentrating on breathing is beyond me.  The art is to pull your thoughts back from distraction…but Godzilla (and why not Godzuki)?!?

I meditated in the evening today, it didn’t feel as successful as a morning meditation but the focus on the breath is becoming a bit of a comfort (even if I can’t keep my mind in place). What I have learnt is that deep breathing does help to calm you down.  Try it. Deep breath in through the nose for a count of 5. Breath out through the mouth for a count of 8.  After 5 of those your head will feel a little calmer

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