#7 – C for effort

The last couple of days my meditations have been lacklustre – missing the colour from last week. I suspect a little bit of ‘lets get this over with’ has creeped in thanks to a busy weekend but I have a nagging feeling that I should be doing more and not completing enough homework.

Although, undoubtably, meditating once a day is a good thing there’s a good chance that if I were to be more mindful on more occasions then the benefits would be…well, more.  This article from fastcompany.com suggests ways on more mindful ways of living – all seem good ideas but some are a little ‘deep’ for me at the moment.  Suggestion 2, though, is resonating at the moment.  I suspect I spend more time sleepwalking through my days than is good for me and that I’ld benefit from pinching myself more often so I can stop and smell the roses (or the coffee or the rain or whatever).

So, Pro Plus at the ready – its time to do some more studying.

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