#8 – One week in

I’ve made my first milestone – a full week of meditating.  These are my main take-outs so far…

  • Guided meditation is not hard. Although finding the time to meditate with meaning is
  • The practice of viewing your thoughts objectively and without emotion is incredibly empowering and freeing. That skill is a long way from my reality at the moment but i’ve glimpsed it and I want it
  • Stopping and acknowledging exactly where you are at random moments can blow your mind
  • Even though i’m riding the mini adrenalin wave of starting a new project, the 6.45am starts are wearing a bit thin

When it comes to Week Two i’m hoping to work out how negative thoughts affect my breathing. And yes, I really did just write that sentence, maybe mindfulness is turning me into a hippy.

Hippie Cows
Hippie Cows

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