# 15 – Half way through

I was joined in my weekend meditations by a friend and it turned out to be the calmest times i’ve had deep breathing throughout the whole 30 day challenge. It wasn’t as distracting as I thought, in fact it really brought my focus into the present and made the experience a lot more enjoyable.

I’m now half way thorough and I’m starting to deep the benefits – a stressful day at work was made more enjoyable by not getting angry or frustrated. Granted, that could be the benefits of a very happy and chilled weekend away and I need to see how the rest of this week goes but I find myself subconsciously talking myself down from potential freak outs.

Tomorrow I increase my meditation to 20 minutes a day (as opposed to 15) which will mean earlier starts and the need to consciously ensure that I find time to do this. If resentment is planning on rearing its head over my focus on this it will be over the next week.


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