#21 – Street Wisdom

A few months ago I spent a December morning wandering around London’s West End as part of  Street Wisdom, a free learning session arranged by David Pearl. Few hints were given about the morning’s content before we turned up so I went into it with curiosity high.

Over the course of a couple of hours I walked the streets of Leicester Square and Piccadilly, scouring the areas for patterns, messages, colours – looking to see what caught my attention, what made me want to explore further.

The aim was to let the street answer a question – to throw the query into my environment and see what answers came flying back.  My lack of a question and a need to know more left me initially frustrated (I do like to know all the rules and boundaries) but I  found that being question-less didn’t matter as the street was giving me answers to questions I hadn’t thought of.

I realise that sounds strange.

Street Wisdom, to me, was mindfulness in action. I was focusing on the present, intently. Really looking at it. Trying to understand it and find patterns in it. Just being in it.

And so whilst looking in a Pop Up shop my mind gave me an insight into a work question I’d been wrestling with, the wording to an email I’ld been struggling to write was presented to me when staring at a poster in a shop window and a reminder to contact a friend came from looking at some graffiti.

It was only afterwards I realised that being mindful was allowing my brain to think without restrictions which allowed insights and information to pop into my head.

Thats why I started my 30 day challenges with meditation as I caught a glimpse of the power of being present that day.  Its kind of freeing.


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