#29 – Almost there

Well, i’ve almost completed challenge #1. WHOOP, as they say.

Its been a mixed old bag, with benefits coming in fits and starts and my enthusiasm waining when time feels tight.

I think I was expecting some huge shifts in attitude and mind control – that 30 days of meditation would make me Yoda – but in reality its been more subtle than that.

I don’t feel any calmer then I did 29 days ago but I can see that I am less angry and frustrated. I don’t feel any more in control of my thoughts but I know I don’t spend as much time berating myself for my thoughts. All good. All real.  All creeped up on my slowly. All reasons to keep this going.

And so I will.  Tomorrow may be my last ‘official’ day but i’m planning on finding 20 mins in my day to make this a habit. I”m going to become a hippy 🙂

Feelings are like waves

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