Turn Left

I like a theme.

Last year I decided to theme my year on ‘things that scare me’. It lasted, I admit, only 5 months however in that time I fire walked, gave my first speech / lecture, swam in the Olympic pool in London and lasted a whole month without Salt and Vinegar crisps.

It felt good to do these things and so i’ve been racking my brain to find my theme for 2016.

And i’ve found it.  My theme this year is to turn left.

As well as liking a theme I like a good rule, and so I spend a large percentage of my time trying to do the right thing, take the right path and being the right person.  Its a fine thing to do, its an easy thing to do but its not always the most exciting. Thinking back through my life some of my biggest and most fun adventures have happened when I’ve stepped out of my routine and taken a slightly different path.  When i’ve ‘turned left’ instead of right.

So this year i’m going to find different paths. I’ll change things up a bit and take a different route into work, say yes to more things and just do things a little differently.

I’m going to turn left.

Turn Left with Goa Ring
Turn Left with Goa Ring

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