Memories on the North Norfolk Coastline

Sheringham Sea
Sheringham to Cromer Walk

A girls weekend away took me back to the North Norfolk Coastline last week, It was a cold but blue-sky’d weekend which involved beach walks, fish and chips and more gin cocktails then i’d like to remember.

Woven into the few days by the sea were memories of childhoods holidays spent with my Grandma on the same coastline 30 years earlier. Memories of family and fun which were sepia coloured with age.

It was wonderful to revisit childhood places and not be disappointed, if anything Sheringham and Cromer are more special now. Can’t wait to go back.

Sheringham Beach Huts
Sheringham Beach Huts
SHeringham Sea Walk 2
Beach Walking
SHeringham Sea Defence
Sea Defences
Cromer Pier
SHeringham walk
Sheringham Park
Loaded Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate Reward

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