Karpacz, Wroclaw – Poland – Feb 2016

Sometimes I crave snow, not for the thrill of skiing (I don’t) but for the childlike joy it seems to bring out in people.  Catching snowflakes on your tongue, rolling the first snowball, running, laughing, red noses, hot chocolate – snow brings out people’s happy and so it became time for my first snow holiday.

Time for more travels with the BF and my 3 Godchildren, this time to South West Poland, travelling in and out of Wroclaw and staying at Karpacz near the Czech border.

We had a riot of a few days and despite some tense moments (car jenga, skidding on snowy lonely hillside roads, sibling bickering, learning to travel with children through airports) the fun and adventures were brilliant.

We stayed in a picture perfect basic log cabin near the woods, we sledged with abandon, experienced the local cuisine (sweet cheese pancakes!), hiked to ancient church’s, enjoyed the hot chocolate, loved the beauty (and price) of Wroclaw, took the eldest out for drinks and had a lot of laughs.

It was wonderful to see a part of Poland that’s not on the main tourist trail, where English isn’t widely spoken, where it feels like you’re a million miles away from home.

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