Easter rocks!

Its possibly my favourite weekend of the year. The Easter bank holiday weekend. AKA the double weekender. AKA the Happy Weekend.

Here in the UK Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays so we get four days off work and almost without fail those four days make up one of the happiest weekends in my year. 

As a child the Easter Bank Holiday weekend meant you were on school holidays, two whole weeks of fun away from the classroom. As a university student it meant coming home to spend time with old friends, catching up and drinking and creating new memories. As a working adult it meant a brief respite from the struggle of adulting, long enough to remember there’s an actual life outside of work to enjoy.

I love the rituals attached to the weekend, from the lamb roast dinners to chocolate and egg hunts to the happily forgetting the day of the week (how can it be Saturday when I didn’t work yesterday?) I love that when I was old enough my Grandma, who knew I wasn’t the biggest fan of chocolate, would give me a little bottle of vodka as an Easter present every year. I love that discussing the weather over Ester becomes a national pastime. 

Nowadays the Easter weekend means a chance to catch up with friends and family, a chance to have a blowout with time to recover and a chance to unwind properly for a few days. All mixed with friends, chocolate and the old odd cocktail. 
Easter rocks. 
Here’s to another good one!

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