T Minus 1 #becksandcamroadtrippin

Friday 4thMay 2018

Its Road Trip time!

It was Christmas. My trusty road trip amigo Becks and I had decided to have a smackdown on where our wheels would take us in 2018. We each had to pitch ideas for three trips and one of those trips would be a wildcard, i.e. a road trip somewhere we hadn’t discussed before.

We were discussing some mighty fine locations around the table that night. Well I say around the table, I mean on the sofa in our PJs sipping Baileys cocktails. A trip around Tennessee taking in the delights of the Great Smokey Mountains, Nashville, Graceland and Lynchburg. A drive around British Columbia searching for spirit bears. Discovering the cloud forests, dodging volcanos and making friends with Sloths in Costa Rica. We had been dreaming of some of these adventures for years and both of us were eager to cross some of these things off our list.

Travel Books
Potential locations for #becksandcamroadtrippin in far flung places

And here we are.  On the eve of our trip.  So, where are we going? Damn it, but my wildcard won the pitch.

We’re off to England.

Yep, England.

To be a little more specific, we’re off to see all of it. 48 counties in one week.


Ultimately it wasn’t a hard decision to choose one of our wildcards. Although we both love exploring new lands we’ve both had a hankering to discover a little more of this fair isle of ours and seeing it all in just one week off work made it a challenge as big as any long-haul flight could give us.

We’re starting our road trip in Tintagel, Cornwall because, after 3 stabs at plotting the most efficient route through the country, it seemed the best starting point, and, well, King Arthur! Over the next 9 days we’ll be driving through all 48 Ceremonial Counties of England and making a stop in each one to see just what they have to offer.

We’ll be visiting museums, churches, burial sites, libraries, shrines, sculptures and caves. Staying in hotels, breweries, castles, B&Bs and convents. Trying sweet, sour, meaty and cakey local delicacies.  Paddling in seas, oceans and channels of the South, East and West. Basically, we’re trying to understand a little more about this little country we call home.

If you want to join us on our adventure you can find us on Instagram (Cam – @camwoodhouse and Becks – @rebeccajmorgans) and you can catch our blogs here and at www.happyrambling.com. Be prepared though, I can imagine that our 12-hour days in the car may drive us a little crazy and we aren’t renowned for subtle behaviour at the best of times!

So, on the eve before we begin, we’ll raise a toast to clear roads, minimal speed cameras, laughter, friends and epic road trips!

Glass off bubbly

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