Its 31 December 2020. I have just survived the most mind-blowingly crazy year along with EVERYONE in the world.  It’s been quite the journey. There have been tears and tantrums and anger and joy, so much joy, and rawness and love.  We’ve also learnt many lessons along the way as we’ve hadd the time to look in the mirror and review, analyse and accept in a way we’ve never been brave enough to do before.

When you’re looking for lessons you can find plenty. Of love and friendship and resilience and strength and tears. How to be kind to yourself and kind to others and learning how to be calm and find strength. My biggest lesson? Probably finally realising that two diametrically opposing facts can be completely true and valid at exactly the same time.  I learnt that Ii really can be the best of times and the worst of times.

We know the worst of times; we’ve lived them for the past 9 months and we’re entering 2021 with those times continuing. It has been the hardest time of my life, professionally, financially and emotionally.

However, also…

…the best of times, when your heart sings, you catch your breath and stop to appreciate. 

Here are some of my ‘best of times’ in 2020.

Watching more sunsets and sunrises than I’ve ever done before, creating life in a sour dough starter, planting (then eating) my own vegetables, running a 5k more than once, discovering the joy of walking, swopping Tennessee for Pembrokeshire and loving it, Open University courses, dancing with my dawn shadow to P!nk and Katy Perry in my garden, sewing masks, finding a secluded little spot to swim in the River Avon on the hottest August evening, sharing the secluded little spot with my ‘family’ on a chillier September evening, sneaky hugs, honest conversations, making new friends, scarlet hair, practicing moon photography in gaveyards, zoom birthday parties, wooden elephants and SO. MUCH. LOVE.

These things are what I’m going to chose to remember.

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