30 Days of…

In 2011 I discovered a TED talk by Matt Cutts, a Google Engineer, entitled ‘Try something new for 30 days’.

I found the talk inspiring and promptly started my own 30 day challenge, completing 30 minutes of exercise every day. Nothing like setting my goals high! But somehow (and quite shockingly) I persevered, with the end result being a temporarily much fitter and healthier me.

The next challenge I gave myself was 30 days of photo’s and over the next month I looked for the funny or the beautiful or the bizarre in my world.

And then came Christmas, distractions and forgetfulness and the next 30 day project just didn’t happen.

So now, a good few years later, i’m looking to set myself a series of 30 day challenges, seeing where this focus takes me and recording my adventures (!!) in this blog.

The rules are simple:

  • Unless otherwise stated the challenges will take place over 30 consecutive days.
  • I don’t have to blog every day but I do have to admit if I’ve failed a challenge

Challenge 1 – On 20th January 2014 I kicked off 30 Days of Meditation.  You can see how I progressed here

Challenge 2 – My second challenge was 30 Days of Happy.  Starting 19th February 2014 I recorded the things that made me smile. Check it out here. 

Challenge 3 – 30 days of Healthy.  So after a summer of fun its time to focus on making some new habits. I’m still meditating and looking for the happy which proves that these challenges work and so i’m looking to incorporate some healthier habits into my life. UPDATE: Failed!

Well, being healthy lasted a mere 2 1/2 days – Opps!  I’m currently looking for a new challenge 🙂


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