Recipe for making yourself happy (and Banana Loaf)

Self-help books have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I hide them on my Kindle so no-one need know that I’m reading about mindfulness, or clean eating, or tidying up, or how to love cooking. I hide them because I don’t want to be seen as the kind of person who needs them - I... Continue Reading →

3 – Frost Morning #52weeks

The perfect winter dawn. The sun peaking over the horizon, the moon hanging low in the trees and frost crunching underfoot. That, combined with a day working from home, provided the perfect setting for shooting into the sky and on the ground. This week my favourite photo came from an unusual perspective. But a very close... Continue Reading →

1 – Christmas Tree #52weeks

A decade ago I completed my first #52week photo challenge and quite unexpectedly I documented a year of significant change as it was the year I fell in love. From there my life changed radically and shortly afterwards I sold my home, moved jobs and relocated to London. I have a soft spot for 2006,... Continue Reading →

Making Better Memories

2016 was a strange year. It held some breathtakingly beautiful moments, it led me on new adventures in unexplored (by me) countries and I have laughed and played so hard this year that if fun was a workout I should be a fitbitch. However the political unrest within the UK and the US has frustrated,... Continue Reading →

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