3 – Frost Morning #52weeks

The perfect winter dawn. The sun peaking over the horizon, the moon hanging low in the trees and frost crunching underfoot. That, combined with a day working from home, provided the perfect setting for shooting into the sky and on the ground. This week my favourite photo came from an unusual perspective. But a very close... Continue Reading →

2 – Glow Stick Portrait #52weeks

I knew what I wanted and I had a plan on how to get it. On Friday night all the different elements came together and SNAP! I love it when a plan comes together! Long exposures and a glow stick have created the funfair, rollercoaster of light. (Model is wearing PJ's and a glow stick... Continue Reading →

1 – Christmas Tree #52weeks

A decade ago I completed my first #52week photo challenge and quite unexpectedly I documented a year of significant change as it was the year I fell in love. From there my life changed radically and shortly afterwards I sold my home, moved jobs and relocated to London. I have a soft spot for 2006,... Continue Reading →

#30 – Selfie Beauty

My Facebook stream is full of my female friends 'naked' faces at the moment. No-one is quite sure where the trend started but women are posting selfies of themselves without makeup and then nominating friends to do the same to raise awareness of cancer. Amazingly Cancer Research has received over £1million in donations over the... Continue Reading →

#29 – Running works, who knew?

I was made to run again today. Still hated it. But it lifted my mood. I was definitely in happier place this afternoon. Much as I hate to admit it (and believe me, I do) this exercise lark works. I think running by Newbury canal held too.

#28 – The joy of the routine

When you're working hard and putting in the hours sometimes coming home and just doing the simple things bring a contentment and happiness to proceedings.  Making a cuppa, cooking tea, having an early night. Perfect. n.b. Published late as I was enjoying said tea and early night!

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