T Minus 1 #becksandcamroadtrippin

Friday 4thMay 2018 Its Road Trip time! It was Christmas. My trusty road trip amigo Becks and I had decided to have a smackdown on where our wheels would take us in 2018. We each had to pitch ideas for three trips and one of those trips would be a wildcard, i.e. a road trip... Continue Reading →

Easter rocks!

Its possibly my favourite weekend of the year. The Easter bank holiday weekend. AKA the double weekender. AKA the Happy Weekend. Here in the UK Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays so we get four days off work and almost without fail those four days make up one of the happiest weekends in... Continue Reading →

25 Years Strong

"Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected." Charles Lamb I suspect that a little piece of Karen didn’t think we’d actually turn up. That although we’d given her our flight details and assurances that we were invading her home town of Alaro, Mallorca, there was part of her... Continue Reading →

Oh…a perfect moment

Occasionally, very occasionally, you stop and realise you're in the middle of a perfect moment. And the best thing, for once, it feels as great as it should.  A grey Sunday afternoon, the day after the night before, spent with best friends, in a castle, sitting on sofas in front of a fire with bubbly... Continue Reading →

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