#52photos – Weeks 9 & 10

Sometimes its about quickly snapping a moment so you meet this weeks challenge (week 9) and sometimes its about experimenting until you finally capture whats been in your minds eye (week 10) but its always about the emotion. I love the cinema, even when i'm going on my own to cheer myself up. I can... Continue Reading →

#52photos weeks 4-8

The challenge is not forgotten, its just been a little busy with work and play. So here's my favourite photo's from the last few weeks highlighting time spent at home, London, Monaco and the Cotswolds.

3 – Frost Morning #52weeks

The perfect winter dawn. The sun peaking over the horizon, the moon hanging low in the trees and frost crunching underfoot. That, combined with a day working from home, provided the perfect setting for shooting into the sky and on the ground. This week my favourite photo came from an unusual perspective. But a very close... Continue Reading →

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