#12 – Catching the wave

Today I was going to duty meditate - putting in the minutes because I need to - I'll bring my A game tomorrow. But it didn't work like that. The meditation was one of the calmer ones, the kind where you feel the little knot in your stomach start to untie. Its strange to feel... Continue Reading →

#11 – Drowning not waving

Ahhhh, I think I'm getting it.  The link between breath and negative emotions, that is.  Its like this... Negative emotions tense you up -- Being tense effects your breathing -- Uneven breathing creates stress in your body -- Stress gives you negative emotions AND AROUND YOU GO Its a downward circle of stress and we just... Continue Reading →

#8 – One week in

I've made my first milestone - a full week of meditating.  These are my main take-outs so far... Guided meditation is not hard. Although finding the time to meditate with meaning isThe practice of viewing your thoughts objectively and without emotion is incredibly empowering and freeing. That skill is a long way from my reality... Continue Reading →

#7 – C for effort

The last couple of days my meditations have been lacklustre - missing the colour from last week. I suspect a little bit of 'lets get this over with' has creeped in thanks to a busy weekend but I have a nagging feeling that I should be doing more and not completing enough homework. Although, undoubtably,... Continue Reading →

#4 – Routine

I need to make the meditation part of my morning routine in the hope that it becomes a habit.  The '30 Days of' challenge is the first step to doing that but to make this stick (sooner rather than later) i'll need to put in a little more time and effort. This great blog from... Continue Reading →

#3 – Godzilla – WTF?

The strangest things pop into my head when meditating. The sort of thoughts that stop you in your tracks when you catch them in a WTF kinda way. Today’s random thoughts included Jimmy Five Bellies and Godzilla (yes, really!)  What led to them jumping feet first into my brain as i’m concentrating on breathing is... Continue Reading →

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