2 – Glow Stick Portrait #52weeks

I knew what I wanted and I had a plan on how to get it. On Friday night all the different elements came together and SNAP! I love it when a plan comes together! Long exposures and a glow stick have created the funfair, rollercoaster of light. (Model is wearing PJ's and a glow stick... Continue Reading →

1 – Christmas Tree #52weeks

A decade ago I completed my first #52week photo challenge and quite unexpectedly I documented a year of significant change as it was the year I fell in love. From there my life changed radically and shortly afterwards I sold my home, moved jobs and relocated to London. I have a soft spot for 2006,... Continue Reading →

Making Better Memories

2016 was a strange year. It held some breathtakingly beautiful moments, it led me on new adventures in unexplored (by me) countries and I have laughed and played so hard this year that if fun was a workout I should be a fitbitch. However the political unrest within the UK and the US has frustrated,... Continue Reading →

Royal Connectons

Every now and again in life you get presented with a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity, the chance to experience something quite unique that you know you’ll regret if you don’t seize. The invite to celebrate 40 amazing years of The Prince’s Trust at Buckingham Palace with Prince Charles was one of those opportunities and... Continue Reading →

25 Years Strong

"Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected." Charles Lamb I suspect that a little piece of Karen didn’t think we’d actually turn up. That although we’d given her our flight details and assurances that we were invading her home town of Alaro, Mallorca, there was part of her... Continue Reading →

Karpacz, Wroclaw – Poland – Feb 2016

Sometimes I crave snow, not for the thrill of skiing (I don’t) but for the childlike joy it seems to bring out in people.  Catching snowflakes on your tongue, rolling the first snowball, running, laughing, red noses, hot chocolate – snow brings out people’s happy and so it became time for my first snow holiday.... Continue Reading →

Sheringham to Cromer Walk A girls weekend away took me back to the North Norfolk Coastline last week, It was a cold but blue-sky'd weekend which involved beach walks, fish and chips and more gin cocktails then i'd like to remember. Woven into the few days by the sea were memories of childhoods holidays spent... Continue Reading →

Turn Left

I like a theme. Last year I decided to theme my year on 'things that scare me'. It lasted, I admit, only 5 months however in that time I fire walked, gave my first speech / lecture, swam in the Olympic pool in London and lasted a whole month without Salt and Vinegar crisps. It... Continue Reading →

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