Oh…a perfect moment

Occasionally, very occasionally, you stop and realise you're in the middle of a perfect moment. And the best thing, for once, it feels as great as it should.  A grey Sunday afternoon, the day after the night before, spent with best friends, in a castle, sitting on sofas in front of a fire with bubbly... Continue Reading →

Taken during the September 2015, this full moon brought out the crazy in me! Full Moon

A spot of rain!

In the middle of a mini British heatwave its nice to revisit the summer storm I experienced in Compete, Spain a couple of weeks ago. Warm summer rain = happy times! Summer storm in Competa, Spain Summer storm in Competa, Spain

A little January inspiration

Its cold (minus 7 the other morning) Its dark (only 8ish hours of sunlight a day) People are being mean to themselves (dry January. I mean, why??) We are in the midst of the darkest of the winter months, January. So what we need is some inspiration.  Amongst all the motivational quotes on pretty pictures,... Continue Reading →

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