#30 – 30 Days of Meditation. DONE

"30 days of" making myself sit still are over. I wanted to celebrate and finish challenge number one on a high but my morning high has morphed into seething anger which i'm trying hard to contain. I will contain it because I know I can. Still. So onwards. Tomorrow I start my second "30 days... Continue Reading →

#29 – Almost there

Well, i've almost completed challenge #1. WHOOP, as they say. Its been a mixed old bag, with benefits coming in fits and starts and my enthusiasm waining when time feels tight. I think I was expecting some huge shifts in attitude and mind control - that 30 days of meditation would make me Yoda -... Continue Reading →

#25 – Again? Really?

It's hard going. I even resorted to a 10 min meditation this morning for no good reason at all. Time to rewind and remind myself why I'm doing this. And how to make it easier. Can't loose faith now or it'll never become a habit and I want this habit.

#21 – Street Wisdom

A few months ago I spent a December morning wandering around London's West End as part of  Street Wisdom, a free learning session arranged by David Pearl. Few hints were given about the morning's content before we turned up so I went into it with curiosity high. Over the course of a couple of hours... Continue Reading →

#20 – Drunk & Orderly

Its been a busy few days and i've been spending just 10 minutes meditating in the evening as the thought of getting up earlier than 5.30am wasn't something I could comprehend.  Better something little than nothing at all, I thought. I meditated tonight whilst a little tipsy - it was a huge success. Possibly because... Continue Reading →

#16 – Just keep swimming

I swam a mile this evening - 64 lengths of an average pool. Tiring and, lets face it, a little boring. Yet I enjoyed the focus I could give my stroke and breathing which made the swim less tedious then usual.  I blame the meditation. Obviously time will tell if I'm right (and i'll be... Continue Reading →

# 15 – Half way through

I was joined in my weekend meditations by a friend and it turned out to be the calmest times i've had deep breathing throughout the whole 30 day challenge. It wasn't as distracting as I thought, in fact it really brought my focus into the present and made the experience a lot more enjoyable. I'm... Continue Reading →

#12 – Catching the wave

Today I was going to duty meditate - putting in the minutes because I need to - I'll bring my A game tomorrow. But it didn't work like that. The meditation was one of the calmer ones, the kind where you feel the little knot in your stomach start to untie. Its strange to feel... Continue Reading →

#11 – Drowning not waving

Ahhhh, I think I'm getting it.  The link between breath and negative emotions, that is.  Its like this... Negative emotions tense you up -- Being tense effects your breathing -- Uneven breathing creates stress in your body -- Stress gives you negative emotions AND AROUND YOU GO Its a downward circle of stress and we just... Continue Reading →

#8 – One week in

I've made my first milestone - a full week of meditating.  These are my main take-outs so far... Guided meditation is not hard. Although finding the time to meditate with meaning isThe practice of viewing your thoughts objectively and without emotion is incredibly empowering and freeing. That skill is a long way from my reality... Continue Reading →

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