25 Years Strong

“Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected.”

Charles Lamb

I suspect that a little piece of Karen didn’t think we’d actually turn up. That although we’d given her our flight details and assurances that we were invading her home town of Alaro, Mallorca, there was part of her that thought it wasn’t going to happen. Understandable really, we’d been promising visits for the last decade and never actually arrived.

Any secret worries (hopes?) vanished when Anna, Rebecca and I landed in March 2016 and a weekend of gin, food, snoring, gin, rugby and more gin ensued. A long weekend for a long overdue catch-up, 25 years of history being reviewed, new memories made.

The shorthand and comfort of long friendships is always a relief when you’ve been away from it for too long. You know the jokes, you’ve been making them for years yet they still make you laugh (till you cry). You know what will impress and what won’t shock. You know that the little things will be treated as big things. You know that you can confess and reveal and understand, and get all these emotions back in return.

You know that these moments matter.

So I’m raising a glass (of gin) to the ladies in my life, all of them, for respecting my nonsense and allowing me to respect theirs.

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