#52photos – Weeks 9 & 10

Sometimes its about quickly snapping a moment so you meet this weeks challenge (week 9) and sometimes its about experimenting until you finally capture whats been in your minds eye (week 10) but its always about the emotion.

I love the cinema, even when i’m going on my own to cheer myself up. I can escape from myself into someone else’s emotions which always seems to give me a little objectivity. I saw Hidden Figures about black women and their contribution to NASA’s space race. Perfect!

And Spring finally seems to be here, little blooms of white, purple and yellow are pushing their way into the light. Daffodils always feel like an easy way to smile in March. The ‘in your face’ neon yellow forces you to acknowledge them with a happy grin. I’ve been trying all week to find the perfect Daff pic and finally a little robin took me on a path to this one.

Happy March days :o)

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