For Best

I get it from Dad. He’s renown for ‘saving things for best’. He regularly wears clothes for the first time that he’ll have bought 2 years ago as it hasn’t been the right time to wear it before then. I seem to have picked up the same habits and have drawers of unused lovely things that the special occasion hasn’t revealed itself for. I’m the queen of delayed gratification.

Channel Coco Mademoiselle perfume samples, turquoise jewellery, satin knickers, aged balsamic vinegar, Zacapa rum, Moleskin notebooks, Tiffany pen, fancy hotel soaps, M&S salt and vinegar crisps, children’s diamanté tiara, fancy cocktail glasses.

All wonderful lovely things that I consider special. All are currently in my house. All are unused or unopened.  Some have been that way for years.  (Not the crisps though, they’ve only been around for a few days which is a long time for crisps in my home).

No more. I cannot give you a future time when things will be special enough to wear and eat and drink and use those things. There’s no birthday party, or anniversary celebration or night out to wait for during the corona lock down, so the only time good enough is now. Now is the time to use the special things.

Yesterday I cracked open a fancy smelly soap. Today I wore my Tiffany necklace and put on my tiara for a work video call. Tomorrow I’ll wear my new workout leggings and remember how much the Kitties love the smell of Chanel perfume. I will revel in my lovely things and when they are used up then it will create space for new lovely things to come into my life.

There is no time like the present. in fact, there is only the present.

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  1. You have unworn Tiffany’s jewelry! Damn girl – take a bubble bath in it (and your tiara) before the ghost of Holly Golightly curses you forever. She’s already given you a warning – can you enter a Nando’s right now? Of course not. Now imagine being unable to do so for the rest of your life. Wear the jewelry.

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